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Graves 601 Hotel on Block EI want to love Graves 601 — and there’s a lot to like – but the location…it’s not good.


Getting There: Everything you need to know to get to Graves 601 is on their website. It’s easy access from the interstates.

The Neighborhood: Graves 601 rises above, and connects to, downtown’s Block E (as in Eyesore). It’s a tacky mess of a building — faux balconies, neon, billboards (my 9-year-old nephew could have designed something more tasteful) that’s devolving into a ghost town as its chain establishments — Applebee’s, Hooters, Hard Rock Cafe — desert it one by one. There’s a lot of riffraff milling about, and scalpers working the corner. This part of Minneapolis has really slid downhill in recent years. However, it’s within walking distance of decent restaurants and stores — I just wouldn’t walk the distance at night.

Service: The valet and front desk service was fine, but the friendliness is forced. I don’t really care to tell every Olaf and Erik “what brings me to town.” They should change their script.

Common Areas: Nearly a decade old, the once trendy decor is becoming a tad outdated, but its retains most of its original swank: the glossy wood, high ceilings and graceful floating sculpture are timeless.

Sleeping Rooms: The accommodations are where this hotel shines. They’re contemporary without being sparse (I’m talking to you, Delano) or cheesy (I’m talking to you, W). What with the plush bed, spacious bathroom, lit makeup mirror, oversized full-length mirror, and tasteful lighting I was in my element.

Price: At $211 for a weeknight in the summer, Graves 601 was a good $100 less than other upscale Minneapolis properties.


For $200 you get a pretty beautiful property and a chic sleeping space. Too bad it’s built on Block E.

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