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It’s about time the Midwest’s quirky, progessive, edgy city of Madison got the quirky, progressive, edgy hotel it deserves, HotelRED.

The Midwest gets a bad rap. Sure, sometimes we folks pull-up our pleated jeans a little too high. Heck yeah, they may hit mid-ankle. You betcha we wear them with glaring white tennis shoes. I find this behavior endearing (to a point). But what you need to know is that bastions of coolness exist in these here flyover states. You just need to know where to look.

Look to Madison. It was always voted the biggest party school when I was in college, and since then Money magazine has declared it the best place to live in the U.S. Built on a lake. Home to Garbage (the alt band). Backdrop to the movie Back to School. Birthplace of The Onion (America’s Finest News Source).


I’m the first to bitch about what hotels do wrong, so it’s time to address what hotels do right. I’ve stayed at HotelRED twice for work, but both times it felt more like a staycation.

Location: HotelRED is close to the hospitals and within vomiting distance of the stadium, but inconvenient if you’re visiting Capitol Square.

Directions: Clear-cut. Interactive Google Maps application on the website.

Parking: Free, covered, attached.

Service: The front desk reception is friendly and fast: one clerk gave me a shuttle ride to my restaurant.

Decor: The best part! Industrial and boutique, with whimsical touches here and there (red candy, artichoke lamps, etc.) and contemporary furniture.

Restaurant: Open and inviting. Outdoor dining available. Breakfast is limited, but dinner is decent (it has improved since my first stay).

Sleeping Room: Request a room facing the street (they’re larger). I could have lived in mine. More spacious than average, with high ceilings and a deck. The glossy concrete floor and minimalist style feels very clean. Oh, and the shower…worth the price of the stay right here.

Did I mention the shower at HotelRED? Plus, Aveda products.

And, the bed: cloud-like. Cocaine-like. I damn-near blew-off my business meeting just to continue lying in it.

HotelRED Guestroom Madison

Free wi-fi.

Fitness center: Unfortunately, none. But you have access to a nearby gym.


If you are quirky, progressive and edgy you will adore Madison (not your boring Midwest town) and you will adore HotelRED (not your boring chain hotel).

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