Some Stockholm tips, random observations and musings today.

It really is way the hell up there. Pack a sweater.

Sweden Map

If you have money to burn, and contemporary tastes, stop into Illums Bolighus for gorgeous furnishings. If you’re lucky enough to hit it in July during sales season, some of the stuff is actually affordable.

Vasa Museum: A museum centered entirely around a sunken ship sounds pretty boring, but the story of its creation, destruction and resurrection is fascinating. And I’m a girl. Be sure to watch the film.

Vasa Museum Stockholm Sweden

If you’re arriving late to, or departing early from, Arlandia Airport, and you’re looking for something different, book a reservation at Jumbo Stay, a jet that has been transfored into a hotel. Had I not been flying out of Bromma, I would have spent a night here just to sit at the bar and meet my fellow passenger-lodgers.

The Marriott Courtyard in Stockholm is not the best hotel in the city, but its more contemporary and swankier than stateside Marriott Courtyards. Hotels in Stockholm are *not* inexpensive, so I probably saved myself $800 by booking three nights with points. It’s a tiny bit out-of-the-way, but walkable to the other major Stockholm islands, and two blocks from a subway stop.

It’s true: Swedes are pretty much all good-looking. Is it intentional that they share the same features as their flag?

Mathias Dahlgren is rated one of the world’s 50 Best Restaurants. And it’s pricey. Go to the more casual Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren in the same location (The Grand Hotel) for Michelin-rated food, but not the Michelin-rated price.

They say “Hej hej!”; I reply, “We’re the Monkees!” Crickets.

Icebar: Because your drink will taste even better drunk from pure ice. It’s silly, touristy and fun and you can say you did it.

Free, clean tap water in every restaurant. Refreshing. In more ways than one.

For twenty bucks I want the top slice of bread for my shrimp sandwich. Ostermalm Food Hall: is a foodie paradise – an expensive foodie paradise.

Who knew Swedish men dressed so preppy? And they wear slim-cut suits with such panache…

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