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Jack and I fly to David, rent a car and drive the 45 minutes to Boquete, often described as a charming town set deep within coffee country, known for its excellent hiking trails.


Of all the Boquete properties, I chose The Coffee Estate Inn (aka La Montaña y el Valle) based on its (3-star) listing in Frommer’s Panama:

The Coffee Estate Inn is owned by a friendly Canadian couple, Jane and Barry, who built their inn to satisfy themselves as travelers — a simple concept but one that rarely occurs to so many budding hotel owners. Cozy yet spacious accommodations with all the trimmings, gorgeous views of Volcan Baru, and truly personalized service are the hallmarks of The Coffee Estate Inn, which is located 2.5 km from downtown Boquete, on a very steep slope overlooking the lush valley below.

Jane and Barry e-mailed a 30-page information document with helpful, detailed information on the Coffee Estate Inn and Boquete, to Jack and me after we confirmed our registrations. Jack took them up on their offer to reserve a Thrifty 4×4 vehicle on our behalf.


One week prior I had only a confirmation number for our Thrifty reservation booked through Jane and Barry, but no official Thrifty paperwork to provide to the agency if, upon arrival, a problem exists. Anal-retentive traveler that I am, I double-checked our reservation on the Thrifty website. No reservation. I called Thrifty. No reservation. So I e-mailed our future hosts in Boquete, requesting a copy of our Thrifty reservation documentation.

Boy was that a mistake! Jane and Barry fired back a scolding email blaming Jack for not requesting Thrifty confirmation in writing initially. Why, the missive ended, are you needlessly complicating our reservation process with Thrifty?

Crap! We are in Big Trouble with our new landlords and we haven’t even arrived yet!

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