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2:30 a.m.: Damn this alarm!


1:00 p.m. I land, the full afternoon stretching before me.


2:00 p.m. My driver and I arrive.

Canopy Tower Ecolodge offers two suites, five double rooms with private baths and five single rooms with shared baths. Management typically requires guests to book a minimum of three nights, but when I explained that my heart has been set on staying therefor years, they were gracious to extend a single room to me for one night. It never hurts to ask. A staff member greets the car and shoots a double-take at Bagzillo, my trusty oversized Hartmann luggage. I follow him up the path towards the ecolodge, a stocky, robin’s egg blue silo of a building with a big yellow yolk on top. Hardly The Ritz. My driver takes off. Don’t abandon me here! Canopy Tower Ecolodge Panama

We enter the lobby, a dark, high-ceilinged wooden room with décor consisting of nature posters and a telescope. How…rustic. My guy hefts Bagzillo up the metal staircase with a series of clunks and we arrive at my room on the third floor. There’s a bed, wooden table, luggage stand and some sort of canvas thing hanging on the wall. How…spartan.

Canopy Tower Ecolodge Lobby

I follow him out to the corridor, and he points to the communal shower and bathroom, which I had conveniently mentally blocked-out until now. A stall and a toilet. This is going to be a problem. I can barely stand to share a bar of soap and a hand tower with my own family.

Canopy Tower Ecolodge Single Room

Back in my cell, I pantomime (after a month well-spent in a language school in Barcelona, my Spanish is limited to donde esta el baño, una caña por favor, vino tino, zapatos and bolsa) that I’m missing the key to my room and he gestures that there are no keys. I plop down on my bed with a huff, chin in hands, and pout. I don’t want to share a toilet. I want a key. I don’t like the canvas wall-hanging. There’s no place for my stuff. I hate Canopy Tower Ecolodge! And Nature Observatory!

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