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11:00 p.m. My plane lands in Copenhagen, the passengers stand, and hundreds of coats are retrieved from overhead bins. Not a good sign. I’m still clad in the skirt/sandals attire that served me well in Berlin.

Denmark Map


Hartmann Tweed Expandable Upright Mobile TravelerBagzillo (my trusty Hartmann companion: we are inseparable) arrives promptly (kinda like Singapore: this country has it’s shit together). We take the subway and arrive at Copenhagen Central Station (Kobenhavn H) in under a half-hour. Piece of cake. We exit the station (chilly, damp), walk up the sidewalk, down the sidewalk, around the back of the station. This Time Out map sucks. I know I’m close to the Marriott by my proximity to the water, but I can’t spot it. No locals can (or will) direct me to the property, which seems strange, as it’s a major hotel in a not-so-big city.

I surrender. Two minutes, six blocks, and 20 dollars later my taxi deposits me at the Marriott. This Copenhagen visit is going to cost me.

The Copenhagen Marriott management was very cool when booking my reservation: they allowed me to use points for four nights when only three nights were available, according to their website. And the cheerful front desk clerk (an Australian) not only accommodates my request for a water view, but goes out of his way to give me a top floor room.

It’s a nice Marriott. But it’s still a Marriott. Devoid of charm, devoid of coffins, even.

Starving. And I depleted my emergency supply of Pringles back in Berlin. Thank Dog, the hotel sells mini-cans of Pringles in my room. 42 DKK, that’s…$7.20! At 40 chips per canister that makes out to…a criminal 18 cents a chip! Coming from a sensible Midwest family that washed and reused our sandwich bags, invested solely in bonds and cooked our own vacation breakfasts in our hotel room on a portable propane stove I cannot — will not — pay 21 cents per chip, as much as I worship those golden, concave disks of salty goodness.

I go to bed hungry, poor, and cold. Like Tiny Tim!


Oanda: This currency converter tool will tell you just how much money you hemorrhage with every Danish Krone spent.

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