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I can sometimes be found in Chicago.

I seek the boutique, unique, charming and chic in travel and share what I find with others here.

I travel blog for a couple reasons: as a creative outlet, to enhance my trips (which are more fulfilling when I have a goal), to recognize what’s good and call-out the bad and to document my experiences so that I can relive them later. But the primary goal of esmetravels.com is to (hopefully) inspire others to travel more.

Thanks for checking it out. I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.

— esme

Travel Likes: Humidity; Bagzillo, my trusty Hartmann traveler; people-watching; temples; bizarre museums; walking; rooms with a view; dining as an experience; street art; rain forests; good coffee, beer and wine; a little bit of danger.

Travel Dislikes: Slow walkers, steps, bugs, visa/passport issues.